We offer your own tailormade furs designed by you.
When a customer would like to have a fur coat eg. mink, s/he starts regular cooperation with a furrier. The customer gets the opportunity to go through and take a close look at the collection of ready furs. The customer’s own drawing is always welcome.
All our furs both inside and outside are manufactured with special care.
The next step is to take the customer’s measurements when s/he has made a decision about the desired style. The model of linen is worked out by our cutter.The customer tries it on and we adjust it afterwards.
All in all, it is well worth taking part in designing your own fur.
The most common colours in mink skins: Black, Mahogany, Brown, Glow, Sapphire, Pearl, White.
We also make furs of other skins: Karakul, Seal, Rex rabbit, Fox, Sable, Nutria. We only work with skins in minimum Saga or Platinum quality.
In the April-September period we make alterations and reparations on fur produced by our company.